About Us

Welcome to ROBOKIDSHOP.CA! Robokidshop is the webshop operated by Créations ROBO Inc., distributor of children’s clothing in North America since 1986. ROBO is currently the exclusive distributor in Canada and USA for the brands Me_Too, Minymo and CeLaVi (Denmark), Claesen’s (Netherlands), Iglo + Indi (Iceland), and Coccoli (Canada).

Me_Too - A world full of color. Fun ideas, creative prints and unique designs create an original and identifiable universe for children aged 0-10 years.  Me_Too is quality clothing with a feel for what is functionally important for children . Sweet, cool and colorful - that's Me_Too.
Minymo - Designed and developed based on a Scandinavian look with international appeal. Colorful prints and a unique design help create functional clothes for all children who love to play.  Sweet, smart and practical clothing for 0-2 years, and cool, functional and fashionable clothing for the 2-12's - clothes for any occasion!

CeLaVi - Created for kids who live, play and explore in any kind of weather. The clothes are solid, in smart and bright colors. Beautiful prints in waterproof outerwear and boots which can be combined in countless variations. Yet the outerwear and boots have the functionality of breathability and a wonderful fit - they dare any puddle to prove the contrary!

Claesen’s - A known and trusted supplier of high quality basic underwear, offering seasonal fashion collections alongside their Never out of Stock programme. They also have a variety of unique designs, from baby sizes to age 14.

Coccoli - Based in Montreal, Canada, is known for its durable and cozy children’s clothing for ages premature to 10 years. Founded in 1995, Coccoli has just celebrated its 20th year! Coccoli is entirely produced in Tiruppur, located in Southern India – the city is renowned as the “knit-cotton capital of India”. Coccoli conforms to the Canadian and American children’s sleepwear flammability regulations by ensuring that all sleepwear apparel sizes 12 months and up are snug-fitting to your child’s body. We do not use any flame retardant chemicals or products.